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Facial Rejuvenation with Thread Lift

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A thread lift is a procedure that involves the use of temporary sutures to provide a subtle and noticeable lift to the skin. It focuses on tackling the sags and folds in the skin caused due to aging and loss of skin volume. This procedure is common in today’s time than it was ever before. The best thing about this treatment is that it is suitable for both men and women. A thread lift is safer as compared to other strenuous procedures. It’s effective and worth the money spent. Before booking an appointment, one should get to know about the treatment thoroughly. It gives the person confidence and helps to judge if it is the right thing one is looking for.

Thread Lift Treatment in Delhi

What areas can be treated with Thread Lift Treatment?

The treatment can be personalized according to the patient’s needs, and the doctor will suggest what improvements can be made. It helps to treat the appearance of moderate sagging cheeks, sagging neck, droopy eyebrows, and jowls. The treatment can be tinkered to match the exact requirements so that the patient is happy with the end result.

What are the benefits of a Thread Lift Treatment?

The best thing about a thread lift is that it provides fast recovery with the best results. It involves a little to no amount of invasive surgery and does not leave any scars. Local anesthesia is used during the treatment, and no hospital stay is required. Another beneficial factor about a thread lift is that it is more economical as compared to a surgical facelift, and the results are long-lived (8-12 months) as well. A thread lift is an instant and effective answer to a range of aging issues. Dr. Rajat Kandhari, an experienced skin specialist in Delhi, provides the best thread lift treatment in Delhi, and helps one to get a youthful and rejuvenated look.

Who is an ideal candidate for Thread Lift Treatment?

A thread lift treatment is more suitable for men and women between the age group of 30 and 50s. It is most beneficial for the skin that has least sagging and provides the best results for jowls, brows, cheeks, and neck. A thread lift is the best choice if a person wants the most effective and enduring results as compared to the wrinkle minimizing injections and other fillers. If one does not want traditional surgery or general anesthesia administration, then this is the right choice.

How long does a Thread Lift Treatment take?

A classic thread lift takes as little as an hour to be completed. The duration varies according to the number of medical thread filaments the doctor is using and the areas to be treated.

What happens after the procedure is completed?

After the treatment is complete, the patient will be provided with aftercare instructions to follow. These instructions aim at helping the patient speed up the recovery and become free of any discomfort. The majority of the patients experience light swelling and bruises, but these settle quickly. Patients can use ice compression to deal with these and alleviate discomfort. One can visit Dr. Rajat Kandhari, one of the top dermatologists in Delhi, to get a safe and effective thread lift and anti-aging treatment with precision and safety.

How long do the results endure?

A thread lift treatment result lasts depending on the age of the patient, type of thread used during the procedure, and the severity of sagging skin. The sagging will return over some time, but the results usually last for 2 to 3 years. For prolonged results, additional filaments are provided to the skin during the maintenance sessions.

To avoid any health risk, the Thread Lift procedure should be carried out by an expert dermatologist with proper precautions. For more information on the procedure, get in touch with the best skin specialist in Delhi, Dr. Rajat Kandhari.

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