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Advantages of Lip fillers  

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Fuller lips have become a huge trend in recent years. Lip reshaping is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries around the world. Nowadays, dermal fillers composed of hyaluronic acid have become a gold standard for creating soft and voluminous lips. The treatment is safe, and FDA-approved fillers are used for enhancement. It is a quick cosmetic treatment that requires no downtime. However, one must take the lip augmentation treatment from a certified dermatologist/cosmetic surgeon to ensure the best results. Visit Veya Aesthetics to get lip augmentation in Delhi from a renowned dermatologist, Dr. Rajat Kandhari. He is passionate about facial aesthetics and gives attention to little details, which make a huge difference.


Dermal fillers are a highly effective way to improve the volume, structure, and shape of thin lips. Here are a few benefits of using fillers for lip augmentation.

Safe procedure:

Lip fillers are mostly made up of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally produced by the body. Since it is natural, there is no risk of bruising or infection. Even the fillers are naturally absorbed by the body. Therefore, these need to be replaced every six-eight months to maintain the plumpness of lips. However, one must discuss their allergic reactions or medical regimen with the dermatologist at the initial consultation. If the patient turns out to be allergic to any ingredients of the filler, the doctor chooses fillers accordingly and also performs a patch test to avoid any negative consequences.

Natural results

Many people do not opt for cosmetic treatment, assuming it would change their look dramatically. But dermal fillers are an excellent option for people who need only a little modification in their lips. However, some people with thin lips want a more plump appearance, so the amount of injectables has to be decided in accordance with the expectations of the patients. Generally, dermatologists recommend giving small units of natural fillers over a period of time. This helps to achieve optimum results as the patients aren't exactly sure how they will look when their lips become fuller.

Quick treatment

After consultation with the dermatologist, it does not take much time to undergo the procedure. The dermatologist strategically marks the areas where the fillers need to be inserted. Then after numbing the target area, the fillers are injected. Since the treatment requires no downtime, one can resume their daily activities after the procedure.

Immediate results

The patient does not have to wait around to see the results. Immediately after the treatment, the lips might look plumper, and within 2-3 days, the fillers adjust correctly and provide the desired results.

Reversible procedure

The changes made to the shape, structure, or size of the lips with fillers are reversible. Many times patients do not get the desired results or want more alterations. They can come to the clinic and can get the fillers removed.

Improved self-confidence

Many people feel insecure about the shape of their lips, so fillers become an option to get over their imperfections and feel good about themselves. With aging, the lips become thinner as the collagen production decreases. The fillers would help the face to look more youthful and restore lost self-confidence.

The cost of lip fillers depends upon the type of fillers, the number of units, and according to the patient's desired requirements. Thus the cost may vary from person to person. For lip reshaping in Delhi, visit Veya Aesthetics, where the treatments are provided with the most modern technology and safety. At the clinic, Dr. Rajat Kandhari, the best dermatologist in Delhi, thrives on providing the best services to their patients.

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